Dessert Menu

Dessert Menu

Dessert Menu
Chocolate and hazelnut tarte, raspberry sorbet 16
Hand churned vanilla ice cream 12
Maple and pecan pie, rhubarb ice cream, candied pecan and orange 16
Double chocolate souffle for two, vanilla bean ice cream (allow 25 mins) 22
Poached strawberry pineapple and lemon curd Eton mess 16
Caramel roasted pineapple, pineapple sorbet, citrus sorbet 16

Chocolate truffles (each) 2


Cheese Selection – priced per 50 gram with accompaniments.
Soft Cheese
Delice des Cremiers – 11 each
Region – Burgundy, France, cow’s milk
Soft ripened cheese with a bloomy rind. The colour is a beautiful ivory with just a hint of grey in the rind. The texture is incredibly soft, rich, velvety, and creamy rich, buttery and soft whit a little salty tang on the finish
Hard Cheese
Manchego – 11 each
Region – La Mancha, sheep’s milk
A delicious firm cheese which is sold in both young and aged forms, with a varying intensity of flavour depending on how aged the cheese is. The cheese is also crumbly and dry. Being a sheep’s cheese it has a higher fat content than cow’s cheese which is in turn fattier than goat’s cheese.

Xavier David Abondance AOP – 11 each
Region -Haute Savoie, cow’s milk
Fine texture and matured for over a year, firm & slightly crumbly texture with a sweet, but piquant finish.

Quejo Sao Miguel – 11 each
Region -Sao Miguel, Portugal, cow’s milk
Typical island cheese; matured for over a year, firm & Slightly crumbly texture with a sweet, but piquant finish.

Blue Cheese
Fourme d’Ambert – 12 each
Region – Auvergne, France, cow’s milk
This is cow’s milk cheese has a grey traditional rind that is uneven with wrinkles. The pate is dense like Stilton, but more supple and nutty in flavour, with a lovely savoury tang to finish.
Blue de Laqueuille – 11 each
Region – Auvergne, France
Produced during summer&autumn in the mountainous region of Auvergne, this cheese is full bodied, creamy & slightly salty. It pairs well with most robust reds & dessert wines.
Goats/Ewes Milk
Fromage D’Affinois Chevre Cremeaux – 11each
Region – Rhone-Alpes France
This unusual hexagonal surface ripened goats’ milk cheese is made near Lyons using a modern micro filtration technique. This concentrates the rich solids in the milk ensuring a smooth consistent texture and well rounded creamy flavour which is enhanced by the use of complex moulds in the rind.

Dessert Wines Bt
2009 Mount Horrocks Riesling 375ml Clare Valley, SA 70
2010 Willowbridge “Sticky” Geographe, WA 50
2005 Chateau du Pavillon Sainte Croix Du Mont, France 48
2010 Mr. Riggs “Sticky End” Viognier 375ml McLaren Vale, SA 43
2008 Josef Chromy “Boytrytis” Riesling Launceston, TAS 47
NV Chandon “Cuvee Riche” 750ml Yarra Valley, VIC 70
NV Moet Chandon Nectar Imperial 750ml Epernay, France 140
2007 Cookoothama Botrytis Semillon 375ml Darlington Point, WA 58
1997 Chateau d’Yquem 375ml Bordeaux, France 935

2005 Chateau du Pavillon (Sainte Croix Du Mont, France) $14 Glass
This excellent Croix du Mont has been produced from 85% Semillon and 15% Sauvignon. Brilliant golden colour with very pale gold hue. Lifted aromas of peach, apricot and honey. The palate is quite luscious, although it’s lighter in weight and doesn’t display quite the concentration of a Sauternes from the same year. Flavours of honeyed apricot are followed by some ripe peach and a touch of spice. Clean dry finish with aftertaste of honeyed apricot and spice.

Cognac & Armagnac
Frapin Grande Champagne VSOP Cuvee Rare France 14
Napoleon 1er Cru de Cognac Grande Champagne France 20
Le Pere Jules Calvados Pays D’Auge France 14
Paul Giraud XO Cognac Grande Champagne France 27
Adrien Camut Calvados Pays D’Auge France 30
Hennessey Paradis Rare France 40
Domaine Chateau de Fontpinot Cognac XO France 21
Domaine Chateau de Fontpinot Cognac 1985 France 30
Francis Darroze 10 Year Old Armagnac France 30
Castarede Grand Bas Armagnac 1970 France 30
Comte de Lamaestre Grand Bas Armagnac 1979 France 20
Delord Bas Armagnac 1961 France 50
Domaine de Lagoue Grand Bas Armagnac 1985 France 25
Delord Bas Armagnac 1985 France 16
Château Tariquet Folle Blanche 5 year old Bas Armagnac France 14
Chabot VSOP Deluxe Armagnac France 14
Richard Hennessey France 165
Rum / Rhum
Bielle Rhum Agricole Blanc Guadeloupe 12
L‘Abre du Voyageur’ 2001 Chantal Comte Martinique 23
Damoiseau 3 year old Dark Rhum Agricole Guadeloupe 15
Habitation St Etienne 6 year old VSOP Martinique 17
Grappa & Eau De Vie
Chapoutier “Marc Vieux” Grappa France 14
Marc de Alsace Grappa Gewurztraminer France 17
Bertrand Poire Williams Eaux de Vie France 15
Antinori Tignanello Grappa Italy 15
Poire William Massenez Eau-de-Vie France 14
Bertrand Marc de Pinot Noir France 15
Sherry & Port
Ramos Pinto Porto Tawny Portugal 13
La Goya Manzanilla Spain 10
Warres Warrior Special Reserve Port Portugal 13
Campbell’s Rutherglen Muscat Australia 15
Campbell’s Rutherglen Topaque Australia 15
Valdespino Pedro Ximenez Spain 15
Digestives & Liquors
Galliano white Sambuca Tuscany 8.5
Galliano black Sambuca Tuscany 8.5
La Massa Lemoncello Italy 8.5
Averna Italy 10
Amaro Montenegro Italy 10
Chivas Brothers Lochan ora Scotland 12